Love light by Myrna Berry

Published by myrnaberry

Hi. My name is Myrna claybrooks Berry I'm proud. Mother of four kids, eight grandkids, godmother, godgrandmother I'm also a nurse tech, a law enforcement officer,enturpertuner, CEO of a non- profit community service work for MJ's janitorial & M&T Janitorial cleaning service. I'm a volunteer for Black children Insitution, I'm also a metaphysical minister. I love what I do I'm a woman who wears many hats,a multiple task person. I'm a people person outgoing love to have fun with a sense of humor. I got the name love light after the passing of my husband because.when we leave the earth plane taking off our fleshy bodies and, transfer into our spirit bodies !we are nothing but. Energy, brilliance of light on the other side. It's nothing but love and, light. No darkness. So that how I came up with the name love light for my blog!!!

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