The White Horse

“When you ask an addict a question?

“Why you do this or that they can’t answer or give you an answer at all they just drop their head down and, feel so ashamed that they have no respond because of there guilt, they do to themselves… they just can’t stop it!!!!

They want to but don’t have the will power to stop at all for the weakness of the drug …They know its wrong, what they ‘re doing to their lives! Something happens. In your life or someone made you or asked you to try me for fun, and pleasure now you are hooked on me!!!

“This is no game!!! I’m a bitch I’m dangerous. I’m rich now you are going to pay… If you want to ride, don’t ride the white horse.

No. No. No,

The white horse.

I make a beauty queen turn into an ugly beast.

I make a teacher not teach.

I make a preacher not preach.

I make a husband-wife turn against each other not want to be married.

I make a mother motherless.

I make a father fatherless.

I make a sister sisterless.

I make a brother brotherless.

I make you tell lies to all your friends.

I make your best friend turn against you.

I make a mother father leave there kids.

I make a king turn against his queen.

I make you lose your home.

I make your million dollar account turn into zero account.

You use to be a hero now. I made you not be a hero but a zero.

If you have a job, I will make you not want to work.

I make your truth turn into a lie.

I make you not want to eat you just want to ride me.

I make your beautiful, healthy body weight fall off.

I will make you turn bad and,make your hair fall Out thin.

I make you lose all your pretty teeth.

I make a president and government not lead the people in the world.

I make the bus driver not drive.

I make the mailman not deliver.

I make the good turn bad.

I make an airplane pilot not fly the plane.

I make a fight turn into a war.

I make the store owner not open up.

When you were faithful, I made you a cheater.

I know how to break you up.

I made you lose a good thing.

When you happy I make you cry.

I make you not want to face your demons.

When you ride this white horse, you won’t win.

I’m all powerful knowing what you like I will win.

If you want to ride this white horse, you better ride me right.

I make you lose everything.

If you cant, ride me right!!!

Don’t get on this white horse.


I make you start a fight against your family.

I will make a housewife turn into a whore.

If you have a good education, I will make you not want to be successful.

When you get on this high horse and, ride me;you better ride me right.

When you get on this white horse and take that ride, you can’t hide.

You better ride me right. I make you geek, tweak, twerk, peek behind doors and stay up all night going in and out of doors.

You were powerful and strong at one time in your life.

Now you are powerless and weak for this high horse/pony.

You can’t handle this ride it’s too high for you to ride and, try

This white horse you cant ride.

I’m not nice. I’m a bitch.

Fucking with this white horse you won’t be rich.

Laid back ride that thang; GIDDY UP GIDDY UP you can’t hang.

You were pure and innocent until the end look at you now with no friends!

Now you are a loaner and feeling like a loser.

Put that white horse down no more using using using…………

The white horse will throw you off the saddle

Like a boat in the water with no paddle.

Most people hang on for dear life.

If you decide not to ride, then you are assured to survive.

Get some help before its too late.

Will be continued…….. Book coming soon!!!!!!!!



Hi, My name is Myrna claybrooks Berry. I’m a proud mother of four kids, eight grandkids, a grandmother, I’m also a nurse tech, a law enforcement office , president entrepreneur CEO of a non profit community service worker, for MJ’s First Choice M&T Janitorial cleaning service. I’m a volunteer for Black children Insitution. I’m a make up artist. I’m a woman who where many hats, a mutiple task person. I’m a people person out going, love to travel, and have fun with a sense of humor. I got the name love light after the passing of my husband, because when we leave the earth plane, we take off our fleshy bodies, and transfer into our spirit bodies.We are nothing but pure energy, and vibration, and frequency with brilliance of light on the other side. It’s nothing but love, and light in different form, no darkness. So that’s how I came up with the name love light for my blog.